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I started out as a hopeful musician. But as is often the case, I soon realized I wasn’t quite good enough to cut it. Since this was in the early 90’s, IT was garnering quite a bit of attention and the Mac platform was calling my name. I did my time at the big box retailers and read and experimented ravenously. I worked for the next few years as a bench tech, then began building and finally designing RAID storage systems. I installed my first fibre channel SAN in 1998 at a fine-art photography and printing service bureau.

In 1999, I decided to hang out my shingle and founded “Square One Consulting” in Rochester, NY. I served as a free-agent IT administrator for area design, photography, and marketing communications companies.

By 2005, after spending 15 years in a metropolitan area, I grew weary of hearing the highway from my back yard, so I decided a change was in order. With my family’s support, we moved to rural surroundings outside Syracuse, I took a position with Syracuse University and we began raising chickens.

I spend my days lately working on support methods and techniques that scale for a large Mac presence in the university/enterprise environments.

And I do still love to play Chopin.

taschutt(a)syr.edu / tim(a)iotopia.com

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